Our services do not stop at the software sale, Solutiadata Accounting Services will see your firm through every step of the conversion, implementation, and training process.


Planning is very important to a successful conversion or implementation. We will lead you through the entire process and help you make the right decisions to make sure that your software is set-up the most efficient and effective way for your business.

Data Conversion

We will help coordinate your data conversion with the programmers so the conversion goes as smoothly as possible. Having done so many conversions, we are uniquely qualified to assist the programmers so that your specifications for how your data should be converted is communicated effectively.


We provide training to individuals or groups on all modules of Unanet A/E and Deltek Vision®. We want your employees to operate the new software effectively and efficiently. We will take the time to educate your staff to reach this goal.

Continuing Support

We can provide follow-up training to help you to get the most out of your investment and to become more proficient within the software. We can help to eliminate outside spreadsheets by fine tuning the data within the software, creating custom reports, or automating processes with stored procedures or workflows. Also, we provide consulting services to help troubleshoot issues that may arise to help you keep your day-to-day operations efficient and trouble-free.

Solutiadata Accounting Services is dedicated to becoming an integral part of our clients’ businesses by providing reliable and dependable customized accounting, payroll, and billing services. We become part of your team and we go beyond just providing financial services to providing effective management solutions. We can handle a broad range of accounting activities to replace, support, or supplement your existing accounting staff. Our goal is to understand each client’s specific needs and make sure we are providing the exact services that they need for their business. We have a broad client base and are able to offer remote and/or on-site service to any area of the United States.

Why Outsource?


Every business needs to be able to rely on the accuracy of their financial data, but not every business has the resources to hire a full-time Controller and accounting department.

Realize significant and proven benefits from finance and accounting outsourcing such as:

  • Cost savings over in-house staff
  • Workforce flexibility according to your business needs
  • Greater control through improved reporting and practice customizations
  • Improved decision making on every aspect of accounting and finance
  • Versatile solutions via professionals with multi-level, multi-faceted experience
  • Utilize technology through virtual assistance and remote access
  • Directly impacting the bottom-line, fueling successful growth rates, and broadening your company’s opportunities


  • Extensive Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint® Software Conversion, Implementation, Support, and Training Services
  • Unanet A/E Project-focused Software Sales along with extensive Conversion, Implementation, Support, and Training Services
  • Deltek Ajera™ Consultation, Support, and Training
  • Outsourced Controller or Accounting Manager Services
  • Small Business Accounting Services, including, but not limited to:
    • Managing your Billing Cycle
    • Receivables Entry Services
    • Payables Entry and Disbursement Processing Services
    • Payroll Services
    • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Report Development for Financial and Operational Analysis
  • Review and Reconcile Problem Areas
  • Establish/Maintain Accounting Policies and Procedures
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